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THE COUNSELLING SERVICE offered by the LIAISON OFFICE of the Τ.Ε.Ι. of PIRAEUS has been in operation since 1998.
The Office’s services are available for everyone in the T.E.I. of PIRAEUS educational community, in other words both for students and graduates of all the institute’s departments and for its educational and administrative staff.
The office offers a wide range of activities relating to Psychological and Career Counselling and Psychological Support & Encouragement.


COUNSELLING is a dynamic process within which a Counsellor works together with a group or an individual to examine issues of concern and to facilitate the task of finding alternative solutions. The issue here is not to issue guidelines, i.e. to tell people what they should do – it is, rather, a question of initiating a process which makes it easier for individuals to make the best personal choices in keeping with the circumstances which exist.
In effect, counselling helps people to define the nature of the difficulty they are facing, to appraise (re-examine) the possible solutions and to select the most appropriate for themselves. The Counsellor does not commit him/herself to one particular solution, respecting instead the choice of the person who has sought counselling.

The Liaison Office’s Counselling Services have been supported by Mr. Nicholas Alexiou, psychologist and Mrs. Lilian Soumeli, psycologist.

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Contact Tel.: +30 2105381294-5

  • Social Skills Seminars

  • Students with Special Needs

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