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As soon as the T.E.I. of Piraeus Liaison Office came into existence, it began work on creating its Codes of Practice and Ethics , which governs all the Office’s dealings with and responsibilities towards the outside world.

Staff of the Office have, from the very outset, observed certain operating principles. These principles, which are based on the staff’s expertise and experience and on the guidance provided by the Scientific Directors, have subsequently shown themselves to be proper and appropriate and have, therefore been included in the attached Codes of Practice and Ethics.

Drawing up the Codes was referred to the Project Committee, becoming one of the primary matters it dealt with at its meetings during the Academic Year 1998 - 1999.

Thereafter, the Liaison Office also used the results of similar work by the Universities and T.E.I. Horizontal Action departments. By combining all the work done, and adapting it on the basis of its own experience, the Office created the Codes of Practice and Ethics .

The Codes of Practice and Ethics is attached to all application forms given to those interested in working with the Liaison Office. This ensures that all those who use the services of the Office are aware of the Codes and accept its contents.


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