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The European Network EUE-Net (www.eue-net.org) began its operation, in October 2007 with the approval and financing of European Union. It is the continuation of of the previous Network EUI-Net that also had been financed by the EU, on time interval 2005-2007. Objective of the Network is the narrower collaboration of Universities and enterprises. In March 2007, TEI of Piraeus, via its Liaison Office, it signed Letter of Intention of Collaboration (Letter of Intent) with EUE-Net. In February 2007, in 7 and 8, part of its personnel, concretely S. Antoniou, X. Korizi, A. Sigalas and M. Kaltsogianni,  participated in the inaugural meeting of the Network that was realised in Brasov of Romania and was organised by the Transilvania University (the particular University coordinates the program). Objective of our attendance in this Network was the enlargement and extension of our Office’ activities in European level. In 2010, Liaison Office S.E.C. TEI of Piraeus became also member of the CDOnet network (www.cdonet.eu).

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